Calendula homeopathy in hindi

One of the common conditions affecting the anal tract is the anal fistula. Another name for it is fistula-in-ano. It is often difficult to differentiate between the fistula and other conditions affecting the anal region like haemorrhoids and anal fissure.

Before we come to the best homeopathic medicines for anal fistula, let us understand a little more about anal fistula.

An anal fistula or fistula in ano is an abnormal or infected tube shaped canal or tract that opens on one side in the anal canal and the perianal skin on the other side. A small or narrow tunnel is formed. There are a number of small glands in the anal canal. These anal glands are located between the internal anal sphincter and the external anal sphincter. These glands drain into the anal canal. At times, there is a blockage in a gland or its outlet.

This blockage causes an infection. This allows an abscess to form. Such an abscess may point towards the perianal skin. This tract is a fistula. Most of fistulas occur spontaneously or on their own. An abscess may form due to an infection and then later develop into a fistula. In some cases, a fistula may develop after drainage of an abscess. Trauma or injury to the tissue may also cause an anal fistula to develop. This trauma may be due to the presence of a foreign body too.

Cancer or radiation therapy may also cause an anal fistula to develop. When it comes to treating anal fistula or fistula in ano, the common first line of treatment suggested by allopathic doctors and surgeons is to get it treated surgically.

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Allopathy does not have any medical treatment for fistula in ano or anal fistula. That is why surgeons advise surgery to patients. Patients who go in for surgery report recurrence of the problem sooner or later.

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This can be a big setback for a patient. One cannot afford repeated surgeries for the same problem. This is not feasible because of the costs involved as well as the other logistics and emotional distress that one undergoes while getting a surgery.

All said and done, the fact remains that surgery is not at all a permanent cure for anal fistula. The success rate of homeopathic treatment for anal fistula or fistula in ano is very good. That is because homeopathic medicines are able to cure the abscess or the infection completely.

These homeopathic medicines for anal fistula not only root out the infection or the abscess but also help in forming normal tissue to completely close the fistula once and for all. There are a number of medicines or the treatment of an anal fistula or fistula in ano. All these medicines are equally useful, effective and can completely cure a fistula-in-ano when they are indicated in a patient.

I am giving the more commonly indicated medicines.Introduction and History: It was in common use as a medicine in the sixteenth century. It is a great homeopathic antiseptic for wounds. It can be used externally with wonderful results. It is a homeopathic surgical and first aid for such type of conditions.

This flowers blooms on the first day of the month or atleast once a month. Habit and Habitat: It is native of France and southern Europe. It has been cultivated in the gardens as an ornamental flower.

It is an annual herb.

calendula homeopathy in hindi

The leaves are toothed, spatulated and oblanceolate. The flowers are yellow or orange in colour, large, terminal and solitary.

Preparation and Parts Used: Mother tincture is prepared from the fresh flowering tops and leaves.

calendula homeopathy in hindi

Ailments From: Post-surgical injury, loss of blood, rupture of muscles and tendons, traumatic neuroma, old neglected offensive wounds. Active Principles Chemical Constituents : It contains traces of volatile oil, a bitter principle and calendulin which is a tasteless substance.

Injury: An excellent remedy for injuries, like surgical cuts, clean cuts, lacerated or suppurating wounds. Pain: Intensity of pain is out of all proportion to injury due to the involvement of nerves. Deafness: Deafness, worse in damp surroundings and with an eczematous condition.

Hears best on a train, and distant sounds. Cough: Cough with green expectoration, hoarseness, with distention of inguinal ring. Fever: Fever with coldness, great sensitiveness to open air, skin feels warm to touch. Heat in the evening. Hunger: Hunger immediately after nursing. Heartburn with sensation of nausea in the chest. Laceration: Lacerations during labour, rupture of muscles or tendons.

Wounds penetrating articulations with loss of synovial fluids. Ulcers: Ulcers irritable, inflamed, sloughing, varicose, painful as if beaten with excessive secretion of pus. Injury: It is a very good medicine for surgeries, amputations, lacerated wounds, during labour, fracture of bones, clean cut injuries, extraction of teeth, etc. External wounds are with or without loss of substance, for post-surgical WOUNDS, torn and jagged looking wounds; it promotes healthy granulation and prevents excessive suppuration and disfiguring scars.

It is of special use in such injuries as gunshot wounds. It is an invaluable remedy in gynaecological practice. It is used for all cases of loss of soft parts, rupture of muscles or tendons, wounds penetrating articulation with loss of synovial fluids, laceration and perineal tear during labour. Patient becomes exhausted from loss of blood.

It is a good remedy for lacerations and perineal tears during labour. Pain is excessive; idiopathic and traumatic neuroma. It is an excellent remedy for old, neglected, offensive injuries and wounds; also for gangrenous conditions.

Note: Hot Calendula fomentations are better in case of abscesses. Also hot Calendula lotion is generally preferable to a cold one. You can now consult our well qualified homeopathic doctor for homeopathic treatment of any kind of disease. Post making the payment you will be asked about the disease and the symptoms of your disease.We don't support your browser. Please upgrade your browser or download modern browsers from here! Consult Now.

Common Specialities. Shared 3 years ago. Written and reviewed by. Sanjeev Kumar Singh. Staying Healthy. Thank Doctor Thank. Book Appointment Book. Book appointment with top doctors for Staying Healthy treatment View fees, clinic timings and reviews.

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Homeopathic Remedy Calendula

What are the benefits from patanjali amala juice? I'm drinking dail I'm going to get married In 12 months and about my sex life I'm com What are the best foods or fruits for healthy sperm production and Is drinking beer will gives any health related problems and is it i I am weak in body I want to be a strong man or strong bone and musc Hi, Can I used nurokind lc in absence of l carnitine tablets and ca Masturbation make our muscles smaller or weak.Before we discuss the best homeopathic medicines for chronic sinusitis, it is important that we understand a few basic things about sinusitis.

Chronic sinusitis means a chronic inflammation of the sinuses. There are 4 pairs of sinuses. These sinuses are situated on either side of the nose and eyes. When the infection in these sinuses persists for a long time, it is known as chronic sinusitis. Sinus is a cavity in the skull. There are four sinuses- ethmoid, maxillary, sphenoid and frontal sinuses.

They produce mucous which helps in draining out dust, bacteria and viruses. They also keep the skull light by draining the mucous. This allows us to speak well.

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the tissues or the membranes lining the sinuses. This inflammation causes the sinuses to fill up with fluid or waste matter or mucous and there is no space for air, which is normally present in the sinuses. When there is no air in the sinuses and are instead filled up with mucous, there is heaviness and blocked feeling of the nose and the forehead.

The voice loses resonance and becomes nasal. In some cases, there may be sneezing or watery discharge or even fever. One tends to lose the sense of smell. Sinusitis may be acute or chronic. When the inflammation is short lived, it is called acute sinusitis.

In some patients, the inflammation tends to last for long times and does not go away. This is called chronic sinusitis. There are hundreds of bacteria and viruses that can possibly cause inflammation of the sinuses. Any of these microorganisms can enter the respiratory system. This may happen at any time. Once these organisms enter the respiratory system, they can cause infection in the sinuses.

There are 4 sets of sinuses in the human beings. Any of these sinuses may get infected. Once the infection begins.

This causes blockage of the sinuses. Once the blockage occurs and the mucous gets blocked inside, the bacteria and viruses multiply manifold and that too in a very short time.Medically reviewed by Drugs. Last updated on March 14, Calendula is used as a mouthwash by some people to help with gum problems. Always check with your doctor before you use a natural product. Some products may not mix well with drugs or other natural products. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant soon.

Use birth control you can trust while taking this product. Be sure to tell your doctor that you take this product if you are scheduled for surgery or tests.

This product may cause you to be sleepy.

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Take extra care driving and doing tasks that you need to be alert for. Take extra care if you are taking drugs that make you drowsy or help you sleep. These are drugs like lorazepam Ativanphenobarbital Donnatalzopidem Ambienor diphyenhydramine Benadryl.

Take extra care if you are allergic to pollens or plants like ragweed, daisy, aster, marigolds, or chrysanthemums. Signs of a very bad reaction. These include wheezing; chest tightness; fever; itching; bad cough; blue skin color; seizures; or swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Go to the ER right away. This information is not specific medical advice and does not replace information you receive from your healthcare provider. Only your healthcare provider has the knowledge and training to provide advice that is right for you. This information does not endorse any natural products or similar treatments, therapies, or life-style choices as safe, effective, or approved for treating any patient or health condition.

This is only a brief summary of general information. It does NOT include all information about natural products, possible uses, directions, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse effects, or risks that may apply to you.Sir mere ko alargy hai mere ko nose se Pani girta hai aankho se Pani girta hai or aankh me jalan nak me jalan or pure sarir me Dard hota hai. Every thing is possible in this world if you try patiently. For this either you try to write us in detail ie details of your disease, your ht.

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For immediate relief you may try Arsenic 30 in morning and Allium Cepa 30 at evening daily. May God bless you. Good website,informative and useful for layman like us. How to contact you for chronic skin problem treatment since no relief from allopathic treatment. Just Amazing.

I was loking for this kind of informatory article since last some days, finally i get it here. It is a great article in view of public knoweldgmentknoweldgment regarding asthma and respiratory diseases. We also hope to make people familiarize with such type of information which will help tyhem to fight against respiratory and lungs diseases especially asthma. So we are providing here a huge collection of genuine products for asthmatic people. Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open.

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calendula homeopathy in hindi

Asthma, asthma allergy, asthma products, asthma treatments says 3 years ago. Powered by Join. Sign in. Welcome, Login to your account.

Forget password? Remember me. Sign in Recover your password. A password will be e-mailed to you.The homeopathic remedy, calendula is prepared from the plant Calendula officinalis. For preparing the remedy, finely chopped, fresh flowers and leaves are steeped in alcohol. The common name of calendula is pot marigold. This plant is native to southern Europe, and now found throughout the world.

In Homeopathy, Calendula is available in form of tincture, pellets and cream. Calendula is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory in action. It is used both internally and externally for treatments of wounds. It has remarkable healing properties. It prevents bacterial growth and stops bleeding. Mother tincture of Calendula is too strong and is applied only after dilution.

It is diluted by adding water. One teaspoonful of tincture is added to quarter cup water mixed and applied. For using calendula as mouthwash, one tablespoon of tincture is added to half cup warm water. Calendula is among the most extensively used herbs that is especially applied externally and its extract is also used as a gargle to stop bleeding following a tooth extract.

Calendula Benefits in Hindi - गेंदे के फूल के फायदे

Calendula, cream and lotion are applied topically for diaper rash, cuts, minor wounds, broken skin, burns and scrapes due to its antiseptic and healing properties. The non-alcoholic calendula is used as antiseptic in surgery and gynaecology.

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Leaves : Leaves are 7 to 14 x 1 to 4 cm, lance-shaped with narrowed bases, narrowly parallel-sided, or spoon-shaped, shortly tapering to the apex or blunt, glandular-hairy to sparsely spidery-cottony hairy, usually with a smooth edge to obscurely wavy-toothed. The antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties of calendula have made it one of the longest established popular herbal remedies.

It is homeopathic antiseptic — it restores the vitality of an injured part, making it resistant against sepsis.

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It is suitable for all case of injury where the skin is broken. Patient is extremely nervous and easily frightened. It is very good remedy for any kind of scalp wounds, where wound is mixed with dust grease and open, having a great chance of infection. Patient has dullness of the head, especially in morning, as after a long illness. Headache, and feeling of heat in the forehead after a meal.

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Good remedy when patient has adverse effect after surgery of eyes. It is important remedy when injuries of eyes is infected and has pus. Good remedy for deafness, in damp surroundings along with eczematous conditions. He has kind of deafness where distant sounds more clearly. This patient has coryza in one nostril which is its characteristic symptom with green discharge. It is important remedy for bulimia.

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