Huawei mate p40 pro price in bangladesh

Huawei has been releasing bunch of crazy good phones without google play services these days and many people are buying the phones.

huawei mate p40 pro price in bangladesh

Some even bought the phones without knowing the fact that they did not come with Google Play Services such as Google Play Store, Gmail etc out of the box. However, Huawei Y8p happened to be one of the many mobile phones that has been released by Huawei without google play services of Google Playstore out of the box. If you are such person, then you are highly welcome.

You are in the right place. The fact that Huawei Y8p does not come with google play services does not mean the phone is useless or less cool. Its still an impressive mobile phone. If not for anything but for the fact that it comes with a massive 6. Truth be told, Huawei Y8p is an impressive phone. It feels great in hand and it feels good using it. To do that. Note that this is the recent method and should work for you.

Please if it did not work for you, do not hesitate to let us know. You feedback is very important to us so we can make more update on the post with the latest working method. This is the old method. It may or may not work. You can try it out. Please note that this method is for Huawei y8p only. You can read how to download and activate google plays services on your newly bought P40 and P40 Pro. When you click activate, you have to wait for the app to install Google play service right inside your Huawei Y8p and when this is done, the next thing you need to do is to sign into your Google Account in the App.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Google Play services on your Huawei Y8p, meaning that you can now use your favorite Google Services such as Play store, gmail and many more.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to drop it on the comment box below and if this method works for you, please endeavor to comment how successful it was and if it did not work for you, please let us know so we will know. We are sorry to hear that. This method was working before. We will look for another working network and update the post.

We will look for another method and update the post with the working method. Please try out other method explained in this website.

I just updated the post with the latest working method. Follow it accurately and it will work for you.

Easiest Way to Install Google Play Services on Huawei Y8p

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Therefore, you are welcome. Feel free and carefully read the steps below before you start following them. You can check them out or share it to your friends that are using any of the phones. However, you can watch the tutorial video below to see how you can install google play store on your Huawei Y7P.

Please be rest assured that this method works for Huawei Y7p. If the first method above did not work, then try this method below. However, to install google play services on Huawei Y7p, you are required to have. Having gotten all that, the first thing to do is to go to your phone settings and enable to install apps from unknown source and then check if your phone system is up to date.

If it is up to date, then you can go ahead and update it before you proceed with the procedure. But if it is up to date then ignore. Download it to your Laptop or PC. Now extract the zip files to current directory. Wait for it to finish extracting. Now click on Y7plong click on Huawei for some seconds and copy the files. Now go to your home screen, you will see a large G purple Icon on your home screen click on it, click on the blue Chinese phrase down and activate the app.

Now go back to your file manager, to those files you extracted from your OTG, tap on Y7pclick on Huawei files and install the first 1 — 6 apps you see there App 1 to App 6. Just install them. After you successfully signed in, go back to your to the files in your OTG and install the 7th, and the 9th app there.

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huawei mate p40 pro price in bangladesh

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huawei mate p40 pro price in bangladesh

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How to Install Google Plays Store (GMS) on Huawei Y7p

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Huawei Mate 40 Pro Unboxing - Price in Bangladesh - Review in Bangla #HuaweiMate40

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huawei mate p40 pro price in bangladesh

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